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Cafe Britt


We carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular products are shown below. All items can be delivered, For a small fee. Please call for more information on products, prices and custom orders, 24 Hour advance notice to ensure Quality and the Best Service... To contact us go to our ' About-us ' page for Phone number. ...... Yes we have Chicken Wings.

Our super salad. 
Feeds 30, Ingredients, mix salad, sliced almonds,
sun flower seeds, mexican 
style 4 cheeses, sliced 
cucumber, parsley, garlic,
diced pimientos, sliced
strawberries, croutons and grape tomatoes. $60.00

   Time Out's Chicken Wings are a Slam Dunk,
   You can not eat just one.
   Price, $1.00 per Wing. Minimum 20 Wings 
   per Order.

   Our ' Touch Down ' Tuna Salad, Is 
   a Touch Down. It's tuna with crush 
   green apples and fresh cut mix spinach 
   salad. It taste so so good.
   Party tray feed 20 or more persons.
   $45. 00 per tray.   



  Yummy Yummy for your tummy, 
   Our " T O " desert platter. 
  With a Fresh strawberry and 4 cherries 
  on a chocolate muffin, And Crunchy  
  brownies, A dab of whipped-cream 
  with a cherry on top.  
  This item can not be shipped.

  Below is our Famous Rotisserie Chicken 
  salad sandwiches with Salsa. Feed up to
  16 persons. 
  24 Hour advance ordering 
  please, To ensure best Quality. Go to our 
  Contact-us page
  to place order. $45.00 Per tray. 


   New Sandwiches, Hoagie bread.
Comes in three types. Tuna, Rotisserie 
Chicken salad and Chicken Meatballs. 
has salsa in the middle for Dipping. $ 35.00 each.

Marinated meatballs over a large bowl
of yellow rice.
Feeds 20 people. $40.00